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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policy on Online Student Verification

LIM College has a process in place to ensure that the student registering for a course is the same student who participates in the course or receives course credit, primarily through the use of secure login and password.

Upon enrollment, all students at LIM College are provided with a LIM NetID for secure access to the College’s systems and software. These include Canvas, Email, MyLIM intranet portal, LIM College Student Information System (SONIS) and much more. Students are also provided free access to downloads of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud apps, IBM SPSS, and other course relevant software. Students are assigned a password when their account is first established.

Before a student can access any software on LIM College systems, the student must be securely authenticated by the College’s identity management system using their username (LIM NetID) and password. In addition, students are required to change their password upon initially activating their account. The identity management system requires that student enable multi-factor authentication by entering a cell phone number and personal email to confirm ones identity and trust each computer device they use.  This will give the student the ability to reclaim or change a lost or forgotten LIM NetID password. No one will ever ask you for your LIM password for any reason. Instructions for password reset can be found at  http://www.limcollege.edu/life-at-lim/student-resources/tech-resources/lim-netid.

The Office of Academic Affairs, the IT Department and the Office of Learning Innovation are jointly responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and for ensuring all necessary personnel are informed of any changes in the policy in a timely fashion. Transmission of login information is secured using standard encryption technology. Students are given information each semester by the IT Department regarding best practices related to setting up and maintaining the security of their passwords.

At this time there are no additional fees associated with student verification. In the event any verification fee is needed, it will be posted in the course registration site (SONIS) to provide an advance alert to students.


Student Responsibility

The Academic Integrity policy specifically prohibits all forms of cheating, plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Specifically, the policy prohibits “having or providing unauthorized outside help when completing online tests and assignments.”   

All users of the College’s systems are responsible for maintaining the security of usernames, passwords, and any other access credentials assigned to them. This information may not be shared or given to anyone other than the person to whom they were assigned. Users are responsible for any and all use of their account. LIM College requires that all users change their password when necessary to maintain security. Users are held responsible for knowledge of the information contained within the most recent LIM College catalog. Failure to read and comply with College guidelines, requirements and regulations will not exempt users from responsibility. 

Students taking examinations online may be required to use Respondus Monitor in conjunction with Canvas to record the examination session, the environment in which the examination is taken, and to verify student identification. Respondus Monitor requires the use of a webcam for identity verification during exams.

LIM College complies fully with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This protects the privacy of student information, including in distance education.  The full policy can be found on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) & Release of Student Information   page.